Diving Notes
We dive from our own boat. This gives rise to some unique problems. We leave the boat unattended, so it must be very safe. Dive operators always leave someone on the boat so if, for example, a mooring breaks they can handle it. We're bigger than most dive boats so we only use heavy-duty dive moorings put in for liveaboards.

If there is no mooring we have two problems; one, how to find the dive site at all without local knowledge, and two how to find a patch of sand in 60' to anchor without damaging the reef! Sometimes, we anchor the boat safely and travel up to 3 miles by inflatable dinghy to the dive site. We can then use any mooring, but we still can't anchor in 60'.

We have a Bauer Junior II-E1 compressor on board powered by our generator. We use 63 cu ft tanks rather than 80s to ease onboard handling. The Bauer fills two in under an hour. 

Our current underwater photo gear includes:
  • Nikon D100 digital in a Light & Motion Titan housing with two Sea & Sea YS-90DX Strobes
  • Nikon D100 digital in a Light & Motion Titan housing with one Sea & Sea YS-90 Strobe
  • Sony DCR-PC100 Mini-DV camcorder in a Light & Motion Mako housing with Sunray Mini Elite video lights

Underwater photographs can be found in our Photo Gallery.
Here are some notes on our diving experiences...