We spent all our time in the Western Province of the Solomons, from Gizo to Peava.

Overall the diving was very good. It was easier to find good dive sites than safe anchorages from which to access them.

Although much of the province is lagoon, the best diving is outside on the reef outer slope or wall. This is a good way to avoid the crocodiles also.

Best dives:

Rendova Island. We stayed in the bay at Kenelo Point and dived outside at the point. NB We actually saw a croc in this bay!

Vona Vona Lagoon. We worked our way into the lagoon to anchor off the eco-resort at Lola Island. From there we could dinghy out of the lagoon into the ocean near Munda Bar.

Peava. The small lagoon permitted safe anchorage and easy access outside to the wall. We also dived here with Lisa and Solomon Dive Adventures. They took us to some distant (and excellent) dive sites that we couldn’t reach in our dinghy.

Gizo Lagoon. We anchored off Mbambanga Island and dived around Kennedy Island on the north edge of the lagoon.

Marovo Lagoon. The lagoon was generally too murky. We anchored behind Porepore Island on the outer barrier and dived outside.