We wished to visit the Louisades Archipelago but they stretch 200 miles upwind from the only available clearing ports Alotau and Samarai.

Consequently, we spent most of our time at the western end and only travelled southeast after we had cleared out. However, Milne Bay muck-diving was one of our objectives.

Best Dives:

Samarai Wharf. Samarai used to be the provincial capital until that was moved to Alotau. Now the infrastructure at Samarai is crumbling and the water front is a mess of collapsed wharfs and piles. We made six dives here, including two at night.

Nuakata Island. We anchored in a large bay and dinghy to several different patch reefs just off the coast.

Normanby Island. We anchored in Lebudwa Bay and dived a patch reef in the middle of the bay.